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Went pretty okay this year! I hear that for some people, business wasn't as good, and it was probably the new location. I mean, it was a nice place with good lighting, but I think that there was less traffic for longer periods of time because it is pretty out of the way from the rest of the con, and if not for registration being above our floor, probably would've been worse xP And also, maybe people didn't know it was there too?

Here's my table:…
I cosplayed as Ryuuko~~

My Love Stage!! poster did reeeeally well for some reason xD Maybe i should make more BL-related stuffff...
And it was funny that my Satsuki poster sold more than my Ryuuko one, as it was the opposite in Calgary. So basically Calgary: Team Ryuuko and Edmonton: Team Satsuki xP


SO I'm going to be artist alley-ing at Anime Revolution for the first time next week! My table appears to be really close to the exit (here's a pic of it using Anime Revolution's vendor layout:… ) I don't think I sit beside any people I know, everyone is kinda farrr ; x ; PLUS I don't have an assistant this time... OTL I really wanna get Marina Inoue's autograph too so still debating if I will leave my table or not to go see her xP

ANYWAYS I hope this con will go well, mostly coz it's my first out of province anime con, and I'll use it to gauge whether I can venture even further, plus I have more expenses I need to pay for (flight, hotels), and then I'd like to pay off school expenses for this coming autumn ; v ; AND I also just wanna have fun at AniRevo for my first time~

I'll also be hoteling by myself for the Sunday night, which will be a first for me too @ A @;;


Yesterday was my first road lesson with an instructor, and ok. Before yesterday, I've only ever driven on empty parking lots (4 times), and driving from the one end of the street I live on onto our driveway (once). AND THEN SUDDENLY my driving instructor has me already out of my neighbourhood, went as far as the mall and AHHHHH I was so nervous, and I still can't believe I actually legit drove @ A @ I was desperately trying not to get ourselves killed, and made quite a bit of mistakes, like speeding, incorrect lane changes, forgetting to shoulder check.. UGH SO MANY THINGGGS and next lesson, I'm told I'll be learning to park and I'll be driving to downtown and on the highway........... T A T wish.. me.. luck....
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