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IT WAS FUN! I went with :iconeibbie:, her assistant, and my assistant/brother. We were staying in one of the campus residences that was being put up as a 'hotel' (and i was jealous how much nicer the bedrooms than my dorm's). Wondering if I'd wanna do that place again or find some place cheaper >w>;;

I did well I think, when it came to sales, I just think I need to make more things people like OTL SO YEA now i'm on a quest to figure out what else will sell that I've watched/read or will come to like if I give it a try xP It seems that Otafest's crowd likes... old stuff? Old as in 2006-10ish stuff that has their own English dubs/licenses like Ouran, Black Butler, and Hetalia xP Although, the Kill la Kills kinda did well despite them not selling much at first (and that makes me excitedddd).

Here's a pic of my table display:…

Having my bro as my assistant was frustrating because he wanted to be compensated for a loooot EVEN THO he wouldn't let me leave my table whenever i wanted.. (i only went to vendors once and went around the AA just a few times). BUT THE WEIRD THING IS when I went away, he actually sold quite a bit! AM I REPULSIVE...!?!? OTL

I only did a few commissions this time, and I wish I did more! I had raised my prices and practiced getting faster toooo... oh well xP One of the commissioners was someone from my high school who actually commissioned me like several years ago when I was still a newbie in AA xP (I still feel like a newbie, so)

The other artists in the alley were so awesomeeee~~ I got a LOT of posters:… (not including 4 that I bought from naguri and minevi's table) I probably would have gotten more... but I had already spent toooo much and getting a profit was a priority for this con ; v ;

I hope that next time I can get more energy to do more things, have more fun, make more stuff, be a better saleswoman, ETC. (and maybe i won't be so awkward anymore talking to peopleeee)


ALSO I'd like to open up a Storenvy to sell my buttons and posters, but I'm not sure about shipping, packaging, etc?.. Does anyone have advice? I also wonder if anyone would even be interested in buying online from me in the first place? I just think it seems fun to try out o v o;;

I'm going to attempt to put up some items for sale later, i hope i can figure this out = v =
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